Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats for PS3 (english version)

Song IDs
When you want to know the name and artist of a song you’re listening to call (948)-555-0100 on Niko’s phone. You’ll receive a text message back.

Refill Health, Armor & Ammo
Instead of having to enter different three codes, just enter (482)-555-0100 into Niko’s cell phone.


While playing, Press Up on the D-pad to bring up Niko’s cellphone. Press Up again and you’ll get the keypad to enter the cheats on. Once you enter a cheat successfully, a Cheat menu will appear on the phone now, and you can enter the menu to toggle the codes on or off. Don’t save your game or continue progress with these cheats on, you won’t get a lot of achievements.

Full health
Dial “3625550100”

Full health and ammunition
Dial “4825550100”

Weapon Group 1
Dial “4865550100”

Weapon Group 2
Dial “4865550150”

Remove Niko’s wanted level

Dial “2675550100”

Add to Niko’s wanted level

Dial “2675550150”

Spawn Annihilator police helicopter

Dial “3595550100”

Spawn Cognoscenti

Dial “2275550142”

Spawn Comet

Dial “2275550175”

Spawn Buffalo
Dial “2275550100”

Spawn Jetmax
Dial “9385550100”

Spawn NRG-900
Dial “6255550100”

Spawn Sanchez
Dial “6255550150”

Spawn SuperGT
Dial “2275550168”

Spawn Turismo
Dial “2275550147”

Change weather and brightness
Dial “4685550100”


~ oleh Alex Regaliano pada Desember 24, 2008.

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