Atlus Says There Will Be No Persona 4: FES

Looks like there won’t be any double dipping for Atlus this time around. The Persona 4 released on December 9 is “the very finest, most definitive” version on the market.

This announcement comes after the special Persona 3 :FES was released earlier this year, causing fans to wonder if there would be something similar for Persona 4. There won’t be, but Atlus assures us that the one and only will be “very awesome.” We’ll be holding you to that one, Atlus.

To further balance out the lack of a FES-style Persona 4, Atlus will also be bundling every copy with Side A of the Persona 4 soundtrack. The exlusive Social Link Expansion Pack will also have Side B of the soundtrack, a plush Teddie and more.


~ oleh Alex Regaliano pada Januari 6, 2009.

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