Warriors Orochi 2 Walkthrough + Full Guide (english version)

Pakai Bahasa Inggris dulu nggak apa2 ya… ^^

Game ini berjudul musou orochi maou sairin yang dalam bahasa indonesia artinya “kebangkitan raja iblis”. Game ini merupakan sekuel dari gamenya yang pertama yaitu musou orochi atau lebih dikenal dengan nama warriors orochi.

Beberapa karakter baru dalam game ini adalah taigong wang, fu xi, nu wa, yoshitsune minamoto, toshiie maeda, shibata katsuie, sasaki kojiro, sun wukong, kiyomori taira, himiko, shin orochi atau orochi x.

Nah, berikut adalah walkthroughnya dalam bahasa inggris.


selamat menikmati




Difficulty Differences


Easy: Enemies and allies do not do much damage to one another. Enemies will not be able to damage your officer, even if she or he is at the starting level. Weapons picked up at this difficulty have few powers attached to them, and tend to be very weak.


Normal: The normal difficulty setting. Officers starting at level 1 with the first level of weapon proficiency will find it tough going once the stage difficulty is increased to 3 stars; however, experienced officers with a moderately powerful weapon and 80% of their move set unlocked will not have too much challenge. Weapons retrieved at this difficulty have some powers attached to them, if they were found on stages with 4 or more stars.


Hard: The hard difficulty setting assumes your officer is over level 60 and has all his or her moves unlocked. Enemies will not take much damage even from third-rank weapons, unless the full +20 damage bonus has been applied. Allied officers will be slaughtered more quickly than on normal if battle conditions shift against you. Weapons retrieved at this difficulty will be fairly strong, especially if the stage’s difficulty is at 3 or more stars. Fourth rank weapons (the best weapons) are occasionally earned (about 30% of the time) on three star stages on Hard; on four star stages, you will have more than a good chance for a good weapon.


Chaos: The hardest difficulty mode. Enemies will do much more damage to you and your allies. Friendly officers left alone on the battlefield will be slaughtered like sheep. All enemy officers tend to have Hyper-Armor™ which makes them resist flinching from being attacked. Previously “hyper” officers (enraged Lu Bu, Zhang Fei, Keiji Maeda, Orochi X, Himiko, etc.) will be unstoppable (like the super-hyper Kojiro Sasaki in Samurai Warriors 2). Weapons earned on this difficulty will often be the best rank, even on stages with passing challenge.



Weapon Fusion / Abilities List


Some games may want to call this “crafting” but that’s too much work. Weapon fusion makes the only thing that matters in a Dynasty Warriors / Musou game awesome. Essentially, you are fusing the spirits of weapons into a super-weapon. Each time you fuse, a weapon’s abilities combine and add to that of the parent weapon. Any ability slots are transferred over to the parent. Additionally, the parent weapon gets a +1 damage bonus (maximum of 20 points more) from the weapon being sacrificed.


Although you can create a very powerful weapon over time, there are natural limits on how far you can exploit this feature. Each weapon can only have 8 normal abilities and 3 “super” abilities. The damage bonus is capped at +20, so the weapon’s base damage will still cap what you can do. Also, each “super” ability (described as weapon skills in the manual but we’ll call them weapon talents in this guide) require special unlockable permissions to create — in addition to a pre-stated number of weapon abilities.


Flame: A mundane ability that sets enemies on fire. Fire damages enemies over time, like poison. A handy ability to have but one that’s not a definite must have. Note that hitting an enemy again while he is still on fire may occasionally extinguish the fire, due to the special effects of an officer’s attacks.


Bolt: An elemental ability that plays like “Punch Buggy” — an electrified enemy can shock another nearby enemy and knock them back, and who in turn, repeats the process. The routine isn’t perpetual, as enemies are limited and the duration of the effect wears off after a while.


Slay: The elemental property of “death” which cuts severely into the enemy’s lifebar. Handy against enemies, but not so much against enemy officers.


Flash: A property that does chip damage to blocking enemies, previously associated with Wind. Unless you are playing often on Hard and Chaos (and depending if your officer has a guard break), you may not require this power for anything except for special ability fusion.


Ice: The best elemental ability behaves exactly like Sub-Zero. By freezing an enemy in place, you can attack them without having them defend, counter-attack, or run away. Of all the elemental abilities, this ability should always be kept on your officers.


Absorb: This is a unique vampiric ability that drains an enemy’s Musou meter to add to yours. Each hit by your weapon will add a tiny bit of musou to your currently active officer.


Drain: This is a unique vampiric ability that drains an enemy’s life meter to add to yours. Each hit by your weapon will add a tiny bit of life to your currently active officer.


Might: This is a straight-forward ability that increases your weapon’s damage. It is worth less than Rage, but it will stack with it when attacking enemy officers.


Brave: This ability is similar to Might, but works only against enemy officers. Against regular enemies, it will not do anything.


Rage: This ability is similar to Might, but works only when your officer’s life is injured. The less life your character has, the more damage done (this can surpass the amount done by Might and Brave alone). It stacks with Might and Brave, so you may want this for Hard and Chaos missions.


Range: Increases the reach of your weapons. The light trail from your weapon is visibly extended by the time this ability is increased to its maximum.


Agility: Increases the attack speed of your officer when using that weapon. This is not a substitute for using a fast attacking officer if the need arises.


Multi: A difficult ability to grasp. When attacking, after-images of your officer are produced, which damage enemies in turn.


Air: Enemies damaged by a weapon with this power will take extra damage. Naturally, you want officers who have a very good Weak, Strong, Strong, Strong, …. combination (generally the Japanese officers) or the Chinese officers with an airborne capable Chain-2 combo (Weak, Weak, Strong, Strong, Strong, ….).



Special Abilities (Weapon Talents)


These are abilities that require you to unlock special permissions, then go around collecting weapons with specific abilities on them to forge a “weapon talent”. Any weapon so sacrificed in this procedure is irretrievable, so make sure you sacrifice a weapon that you don’t need. Note that only a weapon’s abilities’ scores are needed for this process.


It doesn’t matter if your sacrificed weapon is really crappy or really powerful or even has any ability slots (although you need eight types of abilities for the most powerful weapon talents), so when you fuse new weapons, focus only on keeping the abilities you need for a weapon talent. You can fuse other attributes if you like, but that will only waste your hard earned money!


Guile: Flame (1), Obsidian. Temporary field power-up items last longer.


Iron Will: Brave (1), Jade. Attack is doubled when life gauge is low. Get knocked down — the power activates when your officer stands back up.


Acrobatics: Air (1), Range (1), Amber. Air recovery (guard when knocked back into the air) is done more favorably.


Nutrition: Drain (1), Absorb (1), Flourite. Regular enemies drop more food than normal. This skill is handy on Hard and Chaos.


Firepower: Brave (1), Agility (1), Might (1), Silver. Damaged done by allied projectiles is increased.


Verity: Flame (1), Multi (1), Bolt (1), Agate. True Musou attack usable at any degree of life gauge. Your musou meter still drains out at the end.


Teamwork: Flame (1), Range (1), Multi (1), Might (1), Diamond. Triple tag-team attacks can be used regardless of life remaining. Check the game’s tutorial for info about tag-team attacks.


Evasion: Flash (1), Drain (1), Range (1), Rage (1), Malachite. Damage received is reduced (like an extra degree of defence). This skill is handy on all difficulties.


Stability: Ice (1), Absorb (1), Brave (1), Multi (1), Might (1), Sapphire, Pearl. Your officer will not be stunned or stopped when he does a charged (Strong) attack. Note that some power officers have this ability already with their special power ability (hyper-armor).


Highflier: Slay (1), Air (1), Multi (1), Agility (1), Might (1), Crystal, Amethyst. When your officer is performing a charged (strong) attack, he may interrupt it by jumping. This talent is similar to the skill of the Speed class officers.


Resolve: Bolt (1), Slay (1), Absorb (1), Multi (1), Agility (1), Rage (1), Ruby, Emerald. Officer does not flinch, stun, or stop for enemy projectiles. Basically, you can tank through a whole army of riflemen, but note that your officer still takes the damage to his lifebar.


Synergy: Ice (1), Air (1), Brave (1), Range (1), Multi (1), Agility (1), Moonstone, Onyx, Garnet, Aventurine. The support attack from inactive officers are usable even if that officer’s musou gauge is only half full. See the game’s tutorial for an explanation of support attack.


Supremacy: Flame (2), Flash (2), Drain (2), Absorb (2), Range (2), Agility (2), Might (2), Carnelian, Opal, Topaz, Dragon’s Jewel. Your active office constantly (but slowly) refills musou. This regeneration is faster than the musou recovery ability allotted to your team — and stacks with it.


Revival: Ice (2), Flash (2), Drain (2), Absorb (2), Range (2), Multi (2), Agility (2), Rage (2), Phoenix Wing, Dragon’s Spleen, Lion’s Fang, Chimera Shell. The officer is revived once per battle with a full lifebar. This skill is handy on Hard and Chaos.


Almighty: Flame (2), Ice (2), Bolt (2), Flash (2), Slay (2), Absorb (2), Brave (2), Might (2), Jeweled Branch, Bowl of Buddha, Fire Rat’s Skin, Swallow’s Shell. When your officer’s musou gauge is 100%, all attacks are elemental imbued (not just the charged attacks). A handy skill to have — if you’ve found the Ice element for your weapon!


Warriors Orochi 2 Unlockable: Characters (Shu)

To unlock the characters listed below with Shu, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.

  • Jiang Wei – Complete Wei Chapter 3 (Battle of Shizugatake)
  • Ma Chao – Complete Wu Chapter 6 (Battle of Yang Ping Gate)
  • Pang Tong – Complete Wei Chapter 5 (Battle of Komaki-Nagakute)
  • Wei Yan – Complete Shu Chapter 2 (Battle of Saika)
  • Yue Ying – Complete Shu Chapter 6 (Battle of Odani Castle)
  • Zhao Yun – Complete Shu Chapter 2 (Battle of Saika)
  • Zhuge Liang – Complete either Shu Chapter 6 (Battle of Odani Castle) or Orochi Chapter 2 (Battle of Cheng Du)


Warriors Orochi 2 Unlockable: Characters (Wei)

To unlock the characters listed below with Wei, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.

  • Cao Pi – Complete Wei Chapter 5 (Battle of Komaki-Nagakute)
  • Cao Ren – Complete Wei Chapter 5 (Battle of Komaki-Nagakute)
  • Pang De – Complete Wu Chapter 5 (Battle of Okehazama)
  • Sima Yi – Complete Samurai Chapter 4 (Battle of Chang Ban)
  • Xiahou Dun – Complete Wei Chapter 2 (Battle of Si Shui Gate)
  • Xiahou Yuan – Complete Wei Chapter 2 (Battle of Si Shui Gate)
  • Xu Zhu – Complete Wu Chapter 5 (Battle of Okehazama)
  • Zhang Liao – Complete Shu Chapter 5 (Battle of Jia Meng Gate)
  • Zhen Ji – Complete Wei Chapter 5 (Battle of Komaki-Nagakute)


Warriors Orochi 2 Unlockable: Characters (Wu)

To unlock the characters listed below with Wu, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.

  • Da Qiao – Complete either Wu Chapter 4 (Battle of Itsukushima) or Orochi Chapter 4 (Battle of He Fei)
  • Gan Ning – Complete Samurai Chapter 5 (Battle of Liang Province)
  • Lu Meng – Complete Samurai Chapter 5 (Battle of Liang Province)
  • Lu Xun – Complete Shu Chapter 3 (Battle of Nagashino)
  • Sun Ce – Complete either Wu Chapter 4 (Battle of Itsukushima) or Orochi Chapter 4 (Battle of He Fei)
  • Taishi Ci – Complete Wei Chapter 3 (Battle of Shizugatake)
  • Xiao Qiao – Complete Wu Chapter 2 (Battle of Kanegasaki)
  • Zhou Yu – Complete Wu Chapter 2 (Battle of Kanegasaki)

Warriors Orochi 2 Unlockable: Characters (Samurai)

To unlock the characters listed for Samurai, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.

  • Akechi Mitsuhide – Complete Shu Chapter 4 (Battle of Mt. Wu Xing)
  • Date Masamune – Complete Orochi Chapter 5 (Battle of Edo Castle)
  • Ishikawa Goemon – Complete Wu Chapter 2 (Battle of Kanegasaki)
  • Maeda Keiji – Complete Orochi Chapter 1 (Battle of Odawara Castle)
  • Oda Nobunaga – Complete either Wei Chapter 7 (Battle of Tong Gate) or Samurai Chapter 6 (Battle of Hu Lao Gate)
  • Oichi – Complete Wei Chapter 6 (Battle of Yamatai)
  • Saika Magoichi – Complete Wei Chapter 4 (Battle of Ji Castle)
  • Sanada Yukimura – Complete Samurai Chapter 2 (Battle of Ji Province)
  • Takeda Shingen – Complete Samurai Chapter 2 (Battle of Ji Province)
  • Uesugi Kenshin – Complete Samurai Chapter 3 (Battle of Hasedo)

Warriors Orochi 2 Unlockable: Characters (Samurai 2)

To unlock the characters listed for Samurai 2, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.

  • Azai Nagamasa – Complete Wei Chapter 6 (Battle of Yamatai)
  • Ishida Mitsunari – Complete Wei Chapter 7 (Battle of Tong Gate)
  • Nouhime – Complete Samurai Chapter 6 (Battle of Hu Lao Gate)
  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi – Complete Samurai Chapter 6 (Battle of Hu Lao Gate)

Warriors Orochi 2 Unlockable: Characters (Samurai 3)

To unlock the characters listed for Samurai 3, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.

  • Fuma Kotaro – Complete Orochi Chapter 1 (Battle of Odawara Castle)
  • Gracia – Complete Wei Chapter 4 (Battle of Mt. Wu Xing)
  • Maeda Toshiie – Complete Wei Chapter 4 (Battle of Ji Castle)
  • Naoe Kanetsugu – Complete Samurai Chapter 3 (Battle of Hasedo)
  • Nene – Complete Shu Chapter 4 (Battle of Mt. Wu Xing)
  • Sasaki Kojiro – Complete Samurai Chapter 2 (Battle of Ji Province)
  • Shibata Katsuie – Complete Wei Chapter 7 (Battle of Tong Gate)

Warriors Orochi 2 Unlockable: Characters (Others)

To unlock the characters listed, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.

  • Diao Chan – Complete Wu Chapter 8 (Battle of Chi Bi)
  • Lu Bu – Complete Wu Chapter 8 (Battle of Chi Bi)
  • Meng Huo – Complete Wu Chapter 3 (Battle of Nan Zhong)
  • Yuan Shao – Complete Wei Chapter 3 (Battle of Shizugatake)
  • Zhang Jiao – Complete Samurai Chapter 1 (Battle of Lou Sang)
  • Zhu Rong – Complete Wu Chapter 3 (Battle of Nan Zhong)
  • Zuo Ci – Complete Shu Chapter 1 (Battle of Shi Ting)


Warriors Orochi 2 Unlockable: Characters (Others 2)

To unlock the characters listed, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.

  • Dodomekki – Collect 5 ingredients
  • Fu Xi – Complete Samurai Chapter 3 (Battle of Hasedo)
  • Gyuki – Collect 25 ingredients
  • Himiko – Complete Wei Chapter 8 (Battle of Wu Zhang Plains)
  • Minamoto no Yoshisune – Complete Wu Chapter 1 (Battle of Ru Xu Kou)
  • Shin Orochi – Complete all Dramatic Modes
  • Sun Wukong – Complete Wei Chapter 8 (Battle of Guan Du)
  • Taigong Wang – Complete Shu Chapter 1 (Battle of Shi Ting)
  • Taira no Kiyomori – Complete Samurai Chapter 8 (Battle of Sekigahara)


Dramatic Mode 

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Dream mode stage.

Stages 1 and 2: Have the three team characters for each stage at level 50 proficiency (includes Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Ieyasu)

Stage 3: Complete Samurai Chapter 2, Wu Chapter 4, and Orochi Chapter 2.

Stage 4: Complete Samurai Chapter 2.

Stage 5: Complete Samurai Chapter 3.

Stage 6: Collect 15 ingredients.

Stage 7: Complete Wei Chapter 3 and Shu stage 3.

Stage 8: Collect all ingredients.

Stage 9: Complete Wei Chapter 7.

Stages 10, 19, and 23: Already available.

Stage 11: Complete Wei Chapter 6, Wu Chapter 6, and Sengoku Chapter 4.

Stage 12: Complete Wei Chapter 4, and Wu Chapter 5.

Stage 13: Complete all Story modes.

Stage 14: Complete Wu Final Chapter.

Stage 15: Complete Wei Final Chapter.

Stage 16 and 18: Have the three characters in each stage at level 99 (includes Gan Ning, Kotaro, Zhang Liao, Huang Zhong, Xiahou Yuan, Inahime).

Stage 17: Complete 20 stages in Story mode.

Stage 20: Sum of all character levels equals 1,820 or more.

Stage 21: Complete Samurai Final Chapter.

Stage 22: Complete Orochi Chapter 5.

Stage 24: Sum of all character levels equals 910 or more.

Stage 25: Complete 30 stages in Story mode.

Stage 26: Sum of all character levels equals 3,640 or more.

Stage 27: Sum of all character proficiency levels equals 2,730 or more.

Stage 28: Complete Orochi Final Chapter.



Battle of Odawara Castle (Orochi Musou)

-o- Occupy the southern garrison within 5 minutes.

Seize the southern garrison quickly (possibly within 5 minutes of start) by
destroying all enemy bases and officers in the immediate area. Treasure is
between the southern garrison and Hojo castle.

Battle of Saika (Shu Musou)

-o- Seize the eastern garrison within 5 minutes.

Carry out the mission quickly (seize the pinged/designated fort – the one
you’re initially pointed towards). Treasure is in the fort where the
non-objective target officer is.

Battle of Si Shui Gate (Wei Musou)

-o- Xiahou Yuan’s “fire attack” event must be successful.

Initiate Xiahou Yuan’s fire attack in the center and defeat Kotaro Fuma. Note
Xiahou Yuan only needs to enter the center area from the north to trigger the
fire event. Treasure is east (outside) of Lu Bu’s castle.

Battle of Kanagesaki (Wu Musou)

-o- Both Xia Qiao and Zhou Yu must be alive when Dong Zhuo appears.

Escort Xia Qiao outside the allied garrison to locate Dong Zhuo; insure both
Xia Qiao and Zhou Yu survive when Dong Zhuo appears. Treasure is in the
southwest corner.


Battle of Ji Province (Samurai/Sengoku Musou)

-o- Defeat a set number of ambush troops.

Defeat the enemy reinforcements in the northeast sector, the ambush unit under
Kojiro Sasaki, and the “enemy ambush unit(s)”. Naturally, you will want to beat
off Himiko first to prevent a premature mission failure. Go after Dakki/Da Ji
after completing the rest of the criteria. The target units appear in the
various “rooms” (clearings) on the map. Treasure is near the escape point, at
the south edge of the map.

Battle of Cheng Du (Orochi Musou)

-o- Open Cheng Du castle gate within 6 minutes from start.

Open the gate of Cheng Du castle quickly (within 6 minutes of start). The
castle is the fortification on the very west, and not the dink-ass square
garrisons on the map. The map generally labels important landmarks, but this
map may not label Cheng Du castle at all. Treasure is in the west courtyard of
the castle (the north edge). Be sure to grab it before facing Zhao Yun (and Liu
Bei escapes).

Battle of Nagashino (Shu Musou)

-o- Initiate the Wu reinforcements event within 5 minutes.

Quickly call for Wu reinforcements by defeating the enemy officers in the
battlefield in front of your main camp and by destroying the enemy Defense
Captain in charge of the siege engines. A message, “allies are about arrive”
will mark the start of this event. At that point, you will need to defeat the
two enemy officers near the reinforcement entry (north garrison). If the
reinforcements do not appear on the map within 5 minutes of the mission start,
you failed. Treasure appears in the east garrison.

Battle of Shizugatake (Wei Musou)

-o- Destroy all cannon units (not shown on map) …

-o- … and encourage Yuan Xi and Yuan Tan to defect (do not defeat them)

Escort messengers to make Yuan Xi and Yuan Tan defect while destroying all the
cannon units (just attack them) before they breach the camp’s defences. There
are about a half-dozen of these cannons (give or take) — just note they do not
appear on the map, so you need to locate them by sight alone. The more
important thing is to avoid letting the messenger turn into butt-sauce (he can
be tracked on the officer list and by the name appearing above him). Aside from
setting the difficulty to easy, a second player can help keep the messenger
alive (a passive condition), while the first player slaughters cannons.
Treasure is in one of the small northern garrisons.

Battle of Nan Zhong (Wu Musou)

-o- Insure Meng Huo’s two fire attack events successful

-o- Defeat Pang Tong before he reaches allied main camp

Assist/escort Meng Huo in setting two fire attacks and defeat Pang Tong before
he breaches your main camp. Treasure is between two garrisons in the north side
of the map.

Rescue at Hasedo (Samurai/Sengoku Musou)

-o- Accumulate 300 KOs

-o- Yukimura Sanada, Kanetsugu Naoe, and Sakon Shima must survive

Accumulate 300 KOs (team, not individual) before Kanetsugu Naoe is turned into
something that looks like it came out of your ass. Apparently, the optional
(subordinate) officer Yukimura Sanada needs to stay alive (until the treasure
message appears anyway). Treasure is in the middle field, just south of
Kanetsugu’s trapped position. You can rescue Kanetsugu before getting the
treasure (and Sanada and Shima are still alive), but note there is some
considerable distance to cover.


Battle of Kawanakijima (Orochi Musou)

-o- Defeat Yukimura Sanada

-o- Keiji Maeda cannont be defeated (or retreat)

Simalcrum calls this condition “bullshit”. Once the stage starts, defeat
Yukimura Sanada at the south garrison quickly. The treasure message doesn’t
appear because it appears BEFORE the message about your officer defeating
Yukimura Sanada in the message history. Nice going with the quality control
there Omega-farce — be sure to pause your menu and check your messages in the
history for this (this is how simalcrum caught the treasure note). This
condition has almost nothing to do with the garrison, since you kill Yukimura
Sanada so quickly, Keiji Maeda has almost no time to be captured, routed, shot,
beaten, beheaded, sniped with arrows, rifled in the head, bayoneted, crucified,
water-boarded, Chinese nail-tortured, meet the iron maiden, castrated, etc.
Treasure appears north of Zenkoji (Shingen Takeda’s camp) on the southwest side
of the map. Naturally, you have to go through the Stone Sentinel Maze to get there.

Battle of Chang Ban (Samurai/Sengoku Musou)

-o- Have Kanetsugu Naoe reach the gunpowder ship quickly

Quickly defeat the mundane officers (and Keiji Maeda) near the gunpowder ship
Kanetsugu Naoe needs to escape to. The cheat sheet says 3 minutes or less, or
your gunpowder ship isn’t free. This should be easy, with the right tools (4th
weapon) and easy difficulty. Treasure is near the gunpowder ship’s “escape point”.

Battle of He Fei (Orochi Musou)

-o- Have lead engineer destroy bridge within 7 minutes of mission start

-o- Defeat Gan Ning and Zhang Liao within 5 minutes after bridge’s destruction

First off, do not engage Zhang Liao, Gan Ning, or any of the enemy officers on
the middle island; while you can beat them off, killing them will upset this
condition. Escort the friendly Lead Engineer to the marked bridge and clear it
of enemies. Only AFTER the bridge is destroyed, should you turn on your “kill
switch”. You can get to the center island and defeat Zhang Liao and Gan Ning by
the bridges in the north. Once the conditions for the bridge and famous
officers are satisfied, the treasure appears in the middle island (north half).

Battle of Jia Meng Gate (Shu Musou)

-o- Defeat Sun WuKwong and all his clones within 5 minutes of start

-o- Zhang Liao must not get killed … or trip and fall on his own spear.
Multiple times.

Defeat the real Sun Wukwong and keep Zhang Liao alive throughout the process of
smashing the demon’s face in. Make that repeatedly smashing its face in, due to
the clones (you don’t need to defeat the clones, apart from opening the locked
gates). Note that you will need to get rid of a few clones to get to the real
Sun WuKwong, so work quickly. Treasure is in the poison gas field near Kiyomori
Taira, near a road.

Battle of Komaki-Nagakute (Wei Musou)

-o- Pang Tong’s fire attack event must be successful within 6 minutes after its

Swiftly carry out the fire plan initiated by Pang Tong, meaning escort him to a
destination and make sure he isn’t turned into a woman’s 30 days special. Clear
out enemies on the way — while Pang Tong’s fleeing A.I. is far stronger than
the damned Orochi sorcerers at Tong Gate — if he does not start the fire
attack after a certain time, you fail. Treasure is in Kiyomori Taira’s castle,
the east battlement.

Battle of Okehazama (Wu Musou)

-o- Lead Huang Gai to capture the enemy horse depot within 5 minutes

Swiftly escort Huang Gai to the enemy’s horse depot. Seizing the depot yourself
without triggering the two highway clearing events (for your side, not the
enemy side) will not register this condition as successful. Note the
cut-scenese are different for the road clearing (your side and the enemy side
have different camera angles). Treasure appears in front of another fort in the
west, south and east of the horse depot.


Battle of Edo Castle (Orochi Musou)

-o- Defeat all four ambush units, Ina, and Masamume Date (second appearance)

Wow. This condition is mo-fugging written wrong (in the game’s treasure guide).
First off, there are four ambush units that will appear at each of the gates
(west, east, south, north). Defeat the officers who head them to get the
message “Ambush unit defeated”. Once that’s done, go into the main keep and
whack off some enemies. When Ina appears with her “sneak attack unit”, go back
outside and defeat her. Once that’s done, head back up the castle’s main keep
and defeat Masamune Date. Officially, the officer criteria lists: Masamune Date
(inside and outside the castle), Kojuro Katakura, Shigezane Date, Nobuyasu
Goto, Masakage Rusu, Naomasa Ii, Yasumasa Sakakibara, and Ina as the
conditional officers. Treasure appears in the room Masamune Date guards (the
one barred off by a gate to Tokugawa).

Battle of Odani Castle (Shu Musou)

-o- Defeat all sorcerers and ambush unit(s) while enroute to Da Ji

-o- Afterwards, defeat Da Ji before Himiko within 5 minutes of mission start

This is best handled by two players — the second player can delay Himiko by
guarding or doing an air juggle/ice. Proceed through the southern path to
Dakki/Da Ji and defeat any sorcerers who are present (rocks, locks, whirlwinds,
ambush units, phantoms, etc.). Once Da Ji retreats to the center garrison (Kino
Castle) and bids Himiko to flee (conditions for victory will now change),
defeat Dakki/Da Ji so cause the treasure to appear. Treasure will appear in the
central garrison (Kino Castle) where Da Ji holes up.

Battle of Yamatai (Wei Musou)

-o- Destroy all cannon units within 5 minutes of it being called to attention

-o- Defeat Keiji Maeda

Quickly destroy all the cannon units (defeat the officers in charge of them)
and defeat Keiji Maeda. The cannons are marked on the map and the officers in
charge stay close-by (unlike goddamn Another Century’s Episode 3), so there is
generally no mistaking who is in charge. Treasure appears in the southeast
corner of the map, near Keiji Maeda’s starting position.

Battle of Yang Ping Gate (Wu Musou)

-o- Defeat Diao Chan within 5 minutes of her entry into battle

Quickly find and defeat Diao Chan. She’s starts the northeast but works her ass
down towards your main camp. Splitting her in two is optional, if you’re into
rough-play. Treasure is found along the eastern path.

Battle of Hu Lao Gate (Samurai/Sengoku Musou)

-o- Defeat Sun WuKwong and his 2 under-officers within 3 minutes of his appearance

-o- Defeat two sorcerers responsible for the fire wall and ghost soldiers
within 3 minutes of the magics’ appearance

Quickly slay Sun WuKwong (the real one) — and apparently, his Orochi buddies
(Golden Rod and Wishbone) when he/they appears/appear. Then defeat the two
sorcerers (check officer roster, they will appear for this battle) to foil
their magic plans. Note that there is an order to your mayhem, so don’t stray
from it. Treasure is near Kiyomori Taira’s castle.

Phoenix Wing
Battle of Yi Ling (Orochi Musou)

-o- Defeat the four “sneak attack” units within 3 minutes of their appearance

After the “fire spreads!” event, four enemy “sneak attack” units will spawn and
attack your forces. Two spawn on the west side and two on the south side (use
the officer chart to track who is where). Simply defeat all four “sneak attack”
units and you will satisfy this condition. Two players or a fast horse (ro Sun
WuKwong and Impulse) and a death weapon (Honda with 4th weapon) is preferable.
Treasure appears in the center fort’s northwest corner.

Dragon Spleen

Battle of Tong Gate (Wei Musou)

-o- Defeat the 9 respawning monster officers (3 in the south, the northeast,
and northwest) at least once …

-o- … then defeat the sorcerers respawning them …

-o- … and then defeat Sun WuKwong …

-o- … while your allies cannot die

WOW. Simalcrum repeat: WOW. Had to get help from insiders on this mission
because it was translated a bit whack. The event stacking makes you slam your
head on your PS2 while cursing how English is such a clumsy, inefficient,
P.O.S. language that can’t convey the simple concept of what needs to be killed
and to what degree. Basically, if you’re killing the sorcerers as soon as you
find them, you are already doing it wrong. Two players (and possibly easy) may
be helpful here. Have either player kill all 9 of the respawning monster
officers (Massicot, Boomslang, Hognose, Feldspar, Keelback, Copperhead, Levyne,
Bushmaster, and Urutu).

Once they’re dead, collect their item (making sure it was the first time you
slew them); when they respawn, it causes the possibility of finding a sorcerer
in the forts (or Sun WuKwong). Because you will need to cross the northern
bridge to get to the last three monsters, deter Dong Zhuo and his ursurping
bastard flunkies — preferably by killing them — while another player whacks
Sun WuKwong. Assuming none of your allies (list gives Katsuie Shibata, Xuahou
Wei, Xiahou Hui, and Nagahide Niwa) are killed, the treasure appears near the
northwest garrison where Sun WuKwong and the third sorcerer appear.

Lion Fang
Battle of Yamazaki (Wu Musou)

-o- Defeat the enemy vanguard, Sun WuKwong, and cannon units

-o- No allied units can be defeated (remember the interim save)

Defeat the enemy vanguard, Sun WuKwong, and the enemy cannons while keeping all
your allies safe (undefeated). Treasure appears inside Kiyomori Taira’s castle,
the northwest corner. Sounds easy? Try it with a friend.

Chimera Shell
Battle of Bai Di Castle (Samurai/Sengoku Musou)

-o- Nobunaga, Kenshin, and Hideyoshi must enter Bai Di castle within 20 minutes
of start

Quickly clear the path so that Kenshin Uesegi, Nobunaga Oda, and Hideyoshi
Toyotomi can enter Bai Di castle. Of all the paths, Hideyoshi’s may be the most
time consuming (you have to go through a maze in the north). You can go through
Bai Di castle to get to the other two armies if you need to, but this is
generally a tough — but not impossible — task for one player. Note that you
cannot select Nobunaga Oda, Kenshin Uesegi, or Hideyoshi Toyotomi for this
condition to be satisfied. Treasure appears south and west of Bai Di castle.

Jewel Branch
Battle of Mikatagahara (Orochi Musou)

-o- Lead sorcerers to western storehouse within 5 minutes (sorcery must succeed)

-o- One player defeats certain officers (see below) afterwards

This is a hard one without a second player. For the second condition (officer
assassination), only the first player counts (he/she must rack all officer
deaths to his/her record). The second player isn’t useless though — he can be
used to close enemy strongholds, counter the ambush troop officers, and
generally use a “mass crowd killer” (Hideyoshi, Himiko, SSX, Da Ji, etc.) to
thin the crowds so your dumb-ass sorcerers can get to the storehouse.

The officers who need to be defeated are: Mitsuharu Fuwa (the guy in the
southeast garrison), Nagayoshi Mori, Koroku Hachisuka, Ranmaru Mori (the three
dudes north of Fuwa’s fort), Mitsuhide Akechi (man-pretty dude in the western
storehouse), and Morimasa Sakuma (one of two officers in the central garrison
— note that the other officer in the central garrison is not part of the
criteria). The hardest part of course, is cutting a path through the southwest
so your sorcerers can get to the western storehouse. You know you have failed
the sorcery when Orochi mentions, “I allow Dakki/Da Ji to fight for her
amusement. It does not matter if she wins or loses.” The failed sorcerer units
will make their exit at the gate south of Akechi’s storehouse.

Note that Sun WuKwong is almost a necessity here — he can jump and push strong
attack to get his ass onto higher ground (the broken southwest sector of the
map requires it). Close the three gates in the southwest sector after your
initial stabbing death of Mitsuharu Fuwa. Keep them closed (or friendly) and go
after groups of red impeding your sorcerers. Once you’ve done the teleportation
(Dakki/Da Ji and Orochi appear in the western storehouse) with the timer at 55
minutes remaining or more, you should think about saving before killing the
conditional officers. Once the officers marked for death are slain, treasure
appears inside the western storehouse.

Bowl of Buddha
Battle of Wu Zhang Plains (Shu Musou)

-o- Taigong Wang arrives at the main gate (rolling rock event) within 6 minutes
of mission start

-o- One player defeats Himiko and Dakki/Da Ji within 4 minutes after the above

A hard one if you were following the in-game Treasure Guide. Two players helps
in the first part here — the second part should all be done by the first
player. Taigong Wang will march through the west side of the battlefield, so
clear out Sima Yi, the two mundane Orochi officers and enemy strongholds (and
the one in the center castle) so he gets to the main gate quickly. Once that
occurs, consider saving the game. Feel free to ignore Masamune Date (unless he
rides against Taigong Wang). The key thing is to get to — and defeat — both
Himiko and Da Ji once the gates to the enemy camp open. You can only spare 2
minutes getting to each enemy target and then killing them. Treasure appears a
little west of Orochi X’s initial position (essentially the north tip of the map).

Fire Rat Skin
Battle of Guan Du (Wei Musou)

-o- Quickly occupy Guan Du Castle and three forward garrisons …

-o- … and defeat officers in the middle and two guard-officers in front of
Bai Di castle within 5 minutes

-o- Last, defeat hyper-Himiko within 1 minute 40 seconds of her appearance

Although daunting, you can control Guan Du castle and seal the two bases there
(a second player makes this even faster) before you head north to wring out the
garrisons of red dots (and red gates/bases). Check the strategic map often to
make sure no enemy officer has slipped by your dragnet (there are enemy units
that do that and hold up the advance of your forces).

Be sure to take over the enemy gate near the northern small garrison, as it
contstantly generates enemies to slow your forces down. While you’re taking out
red bases/gates, make a stab at the one red gate/base in the middle of the map
too. Once Oda’s riflemen appear, take out the two “guard-officers” posted
outside Bai Di castle to cause its gates to open.

When you defeat the guardians in the southeast, a message about, “The main
Orochi force has arrived” will appear. When that happens, you will be perfectly
placed in the southeast to beat off Himiko, and then take her smelly EXP and
treasure. The treasure appears in the southeast corner, south of Orochi X’s
main camp.

Swallow Shell

Battle of Chi Bi (Wu Musou)

-o- Occupy the altar within 2 minutes after Chosokabe naval units arrive (first

-o- Defeat Da Ji and Keiji Maeda within 3 minutes after Chosokabe naval units
arrive (second wave)

Take the enemy altar (the place where the sorcerers are constantly resurrecting
enemy units) in the southwest (labelled on the map) and then swiftly defeat
Dakki/Da Ji and Keiji Maeda (both start on the north half of the map). Defeat
the enemy units on the allied boats, then wait around the northwest or west
side of your ship fleet for the bridging boats to appear. Once that occurs, it
should be an easy ride into the altar (drench it with blood) and then to
strangle Da Ji and Keiji Maeda quickly before they move too far away. Treasure
appears in the boat “one east” of Orochi X’s starting position. Whatever the
Chosokabe units are, just stick with the plan of “kill at first chance” and you
can’t go wrong.

Dragon Jewel
Battle of Sekigahara (Samurai/Sengoku Musou)

-o- Defeat all cannon units within 4 minutes of mission start

-o- Defeat Masamune Date, Da Ji, and Keiji Maeda

This mission is easier than what it looks like (depsite being a final stage).
Essentially, you need to defeat the officers (famous or not) controlling the
three cannons in the southern garrison, the southeast corner and east garrison.
While there are three cannon locations, there are more than one officer at each
location, so be sure to waste everyone (ACHTUNG! NO SURVIVORS!). Masamune Date
should be among the dead, so that falls partly under the famous enemies condition.

Once the cannons are silenced, look carefully at the map. Dakki/Da Ji is
actually outside Orochi X’s main camp; a generic enemy officer guards one of
the gates (the southern one) leading to Dakki’s position. Whack him, then whack
Da Ji. With her gone, ride back to your own main camp to deal with Keiji
Maeda’s “sneak attack” units. Simply waste Keiji Maeda and the treasure
conditions should be satisfied. Treasure appears in Orochi X’s castle (in the
north east). Be sure to get it before you killing Orochi X, else you have to do
all this crap all over again. The cheat sheet nixes Masamune as part of the
deal, but since he commands cannons, hand his head over on a plate.


Warriors Orochi 2 Unlockable: Wallpaper Edit
To unlock the ability to edit your in-game screen wallpaper, play as all of the characters available in the game (you must complete at least one stage with each character). You can then access this option from the Gallery Menu.


Warriors Orochi 2 Unlockable: Fourth Weapons
To unlock any character’s fourth weapon, beat any stage in Chaos Mode, or acquire three stars (or more) in Hard Mode or Chaos Mode.
If you have any questions about this game, just leave a comment or send e-mail to dark_minamoto@yahoo.com

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    • maksudnya…???? hmmm.. klo masukin abilities ke sejata yg paling bagus aja… (4th Weapon)

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    • Proficiency itu… yang… ummm…

      klo pas di tengah2 battle ada tulisan (tulisan apa ya gw lupa… yang penting bukan level up) tapi efek grafisnya kayak pas level up… bisa diliat di status chara… proficiency maksimal satu chara adalah 50…. naekinnya ya biasa aja… bunuhin aja musuh… semakin banyak musuh yang dibunuh, semakin tinggi exp. yg didapat untuk naikin proficiency…

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    • Re : ???
      Dramatic mode cao cao, liu bei, sun quan..
      proficiency 50 lvl terserah…
      maaf nanyanya kurang jelas….

      Ingridients = ITEM… udah ada kan Walkthrough-nya… ^^

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